me Convention

Secure your favourite startup a place at the pitch at the me Convention!


On September 13th there will be a big pitch at the me Convention in Frankfurt – and you decide which five startups will be allowed to present themselves to a top-class jury!

The me Convention is a collaboration of Mercedes-Benz and the SXSW Festival in Austin, Texas. As a partner of the format, we host our pre-final there and award an extremely attractive main prize: : The winner receives a starting place at the Reeperbahn Startup Pitch on November 7th in Hamburg and a ticket for SXSW in March 2020.

The online voting will decide which five startups will take part at the me Convention. Take a close look at all the applicants and make your mark on the startup that convinced you the most. Among all participants we raffle 3 x 2 tickets for the me Convention from 11th to 13th September in Frankfurt and the Reeperbahn Pitch on November 13th in Hamburg. The voting ends septembre 6th at 12:00 pm.


The candidates for the me Convention

The 20 applicants for the five starting places for the pitch at the me Convention introduce themselves in their own words.


 cirplus develops the global B2B marketplace for recycled plastics (“Amazon for old plastics”). We network recycling companies with plastics processors worldwide in order to strengthen supply and demand of recycled materials. This not only reduces the incentive to dump plastic waste into the oceans or incinerate it. It also saves a great deal of CO2, because: Every tonne of recycled plastic saves 85% of the CO2 emissions generated during the production of new plastics.


diafyt MedTech

Germany based startup with the intend to develop diabetes automation software, Team of 3 Founders, funded by the European Union, the German Ministry of Economic Affairs and privat investors. Core product is diafyt Guide, a medical certified smartphone app with downloads in 15 countries. The system adapts to the individual patient with machine learning. Its a CE certified medical device and the first of this kind on the market.



We make erotic audio stories for women.
femtasy is half audio production and half streaming platform / tech start-up. We’re offering content made exclusively for women and putting it all under a brand women can identify with.
We create a world in which every woman celebrates her sexuality – in whatever way she can imagine. That’s why, with our audios, we spark sexual fantasies by producing short audio stories, exclusively made for women. Always authentic and sensual, always sexy and exciting.


Geospin GmbH

Geospin is a software company that helps cities to become smart. Based on the methods of machine learning (neural networks, deep learning, gradient boosting, random forest) and 800+ geo data sources, our algorithms find large-scale solutions to problems with spatial reference. Geospin is a young company that employs a team of highly qualified data scientists and developers. It was founded in 2016 as a spin-off of the Smart City research group of the University of Freiburg.


Grapevine World GmbH

Grapevine World is a decentralized, interoperable ecosystem for the seamless, standardized and secure exchange of health data. The company is networked with all healthcare stakeholders – from patients, pharmaceutical companies and care providers to payers, researchers and technicians. Grapevine World is the infrastructure backbone of a new global marketplace.


Hawa Dawa GmbH

Hawa Dawa offers a solution based on AI, machine learning and high quality IoT measurement devices that can deliver accurate air quality data with complete coverage in real time as a basis for a range of use cases at a fraction of the cost of other solutions. Hawa Dawa’s mission is to transform cities by establishing air quality data & insights as a new commodity. Our data is delivered via an API and can be displayed in a highly visual interactive heatmap and dashboard.



Infermedica creates AI-driven solutions that help insurance and healthcare companies to increase efficiency, improve patient flow, and reduce costs. With the use of Infermedica’s products it is easier than ever to pre-diagnose, triage, and connect the patients with the appropriate medical services. All of that allows companies to stand out in the highly demanding market of healthcare. Infermedica’s products are easy to customize, integrate, scalable and available in more than 15 languages.



On our platform customers can book a car for a fixed monthly fee. The price includes repairs, maintenance, wear, insurance, taxes, registration, free mileage, tyres & tyre changes. You only pay a subscription fee and fuel – we take care of the rest. Get into your vehicle and drive off – just like that! This type of mobility is known as “car subscription”. We expect in the near future the ownership of cars will be replaced and a trend away from ownership towards use will set off.


Every company needs Market Intelligence to operate successfully in the market. Midesk offers a unique, AI-based toolkit to collect and analyze all relevant data and media information. With the help of Midesk, up-to-date reports and newsletters for market and media observations are possible with just a few clicks. All required information can be compiled modularly and flexibly and is no longer lost. Moreover, Midesk offers outsourcing of market research to flexibly manage deliverable process.


midge medical GmbH

midge medical is developing a device for simplified blood extraction and testing that can be used by professionals as well as consumers. Digitalization of the blood testing procedure is at the core of our vision. This way we enable services beneficial for patients, doctors and healthcare systems. Our goal is to create benefit by enabling better care worldwide. midge medical was founded by meisterwerk ventures GmbH in Berlin in April 2016 and has received seed funding in early 2017.


Ondato UAB

Ondato provides photo and real-time video remote customer identification & KYC services combining artificial intelligence & machine learning engines for both legal entities and natural persons. Bank level security, national / international document database access and easy integration as well as 100% process flexibility- the key points Ondato stands out on the market with its solution.


Panda Industrial AI

Costs of 50-250 thousand euros for one hour of machine downtime, scrap rates of over 20% and very complex systems lead to high stress in everyday production. PANDA offers all-in-one AI hardware and software solutions to minimize machine downtime and production waste in industrial production. Our technology is as easy to use as a smartphone, so applications such as condition monitoring and predictive maintenance can be implemented in a very intuitive way.



Comfexy GmbH is a FemTech Startup. With our E-Commerce platform CUCA INTIMA, we offer products that are designed for women’s health, focusing on period care, pregnancy & childbirth, aging & menopause, fertility management and sexual health. With our signature product (LindaBra) we generated 225.000 € revenue in 2018. We are now focusing on growing CUCA INTIMA to be THE platform for female health. Targeting the global women’s health market, which is expected to be worth $51.3 billion by 2025.



Automated dialogs between companies and customers are on the rise, but processes to manage those dialogs are still highly inefficient. With Parloa, we are building a dialog management system (like a CMS for dialogs) as the central hub for companies to build, manage, and optimize all their automated dialogs in one place. Parloa was launched this summer and is already enabling conversational teams at enterprises such as ERGO, Vodafone, and Decathlon to build better dialogs more efficiently.


SLANT AG enables companies to let their users own their data. We developed a decentralised and modular infrastructure which enables individuals to own and manage their data as well as companies to store, manage and compute on private customer data while keeping it 100% encrypted. is a key infrastructure for private data computing – the next wave of cloud computing. Forget laws like GDPR, we need technologies such as Slant’s which give individuals the control over their private data!


Whelp Inc.

Whelp is AI powered Unified Customer Support SaaS Solution. It unifies more then 15 channels into one single interface, consolidates – automate – categorize the conversations based on its importance by AI. With its built in payment gateways it offers conversational commerce experience.


Modularity Grid

Compared to only 2k satellites in space today, SpaceX, Amazon, Oneweb plan to launch 20k+ satellites. But today’s satellite manufacturing process is slow, human-intensive and has a high risk of failure. It was not created for small, low-cost satellites. So, 23% of small satellites fail, including 5% that are dead on arrival. Modularity Grid is building an AI/ML driven cloud platform to enable high-speed and high-volume manufacturing of high-performance satellites that are resistant to failure.



We believe that everybody should get the job they love. That’s why we created a unique matching marketplace designed for non academic professionals. It helps employees to find a workplace they love and significantly simplifies job change. The coincidence is dramatically reduced as the matching algorithm individually calculates the best employer. JobMatchMe leads to happier employees, happier employers and a much more sustainable employment market.



FertereX is home therapy device improving sperm quality. It uses PBMT (Photo Bio Modulation Therapy) technology to increase sperm cells count, motility and normal forms. It also increases testosterone level. Results are confirmed by Riga Stradins University pilot study. There are up to 150 million infertile couples worldwide and half of the problem is man. FertereX helps infertile couples have a baby. It also improves sexual performance.



LoudSteps is a mobile app based navigation assistant for blind and visually impaired travelers. The application helps the user navigate and find places in the airport and provides guidance inside the aircraft through audio messages. LoudSteps enhances independence, dignity and psychological safety for blind and visually impaired travelers. At the same time, LoudSteps decreases the workload for airports and airlines and hence decreases costs to carry BVI passengers.


Vote & win

Now it’s your turn to decide which startup should compete at the me Convention . Choose wisely and take the chance of being one oft the winners of the  3 x 2 tickets for the me Convention from September 11th to 13th in Frankfurt and the Reeperbahn Startup Pitch on November 7th in Hamburg. Legal recourse is excluded.

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