Program Masterclasses on 07.11.

The Reeperbahn Startup Pitch offers you an extensive supporting program with high-quality masterclasses. From storytelling, camera training, challenge management, investment cases, invoice management to internationalisation, the Masterclasses are for startups, investors and family businesses. 
Your masterclass ticket includes the following services:
  • Your masterclass
  • Access to the pitches at the Startup Stage at Mojo Club
  • Access to the Reeperbahn Startup Pitch 
  • Access to the official aftershowparty

If you are only interested in participating in a Masterclass, please send a request to, for a ticket at a reduced price.

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EY-Lunch-Masterclass: How to Invest in Startups


The art of achieving a successful symbiosis between investor and startup and avoiding unfavourable developments

To develop a promising idea into a business model, to find the right sparring partner and, if necessary, to accept the sharing of entrepreneurial responsibility with a strategic partner: These aspects often put high requirements on a startup entrepreneur.

From the investor’s point of view, the strategic participation requirements must be met by at least a stable expectation framework for the profitability of an investment and the participation in its business success. The investment can be viewed from a portfolio perspective or from the perspective of a clear strategic business investment.

The challenges on both sides are similar, but the perspectives and needs are different. To connect and harmonize these, to succeed in a common organizational form and to achieve a successful symbiosis – this is what we discuss with you and our experts in our interactive lunch masterclass and provide valuable insights into the dos and don’ts of daily practice.


  • This masterclass takes place in German language
  • This masterclass is limited to 30 participants
  • This masterclass includes a fingerfood lunch
  • This masterclass is open for
    1) family offices und family enterprises
    considering an investment in a startup and
    2) startups looking for a strategic partner
  • 07.11. – 13:00 – 14:30 pm (duration: 90 min.)



Basics of Product Presentation


Developing key messages, storytelling and valuable tips from the experts — this masterclass gives you the skills you need to present your products effectively!

 If you want to discover the best way to present your product, this is the workshop for you! It includes basic product presentation theory and a practical exercise for you to test out what you have learned. Our team will start out with a few basic insights into presenting products live on TV. How do I win over the audience? Do I just need the product, or should I take other utensils with me? What are the most important USPs?

 Once you have grasped the basics we move on to the practical part where you will learn presentation techniques. With the team you will work out the best way to present your product, and discover how to optimize your story so that it inspires your target audience.

 You will get the most out of this workshop if you have already set up a business and perhaps even developed a product for the market. We cannot wait to meet you – let’s boost your business!


  • This masterclass takes place in German language

  • This masterclass is limited to 15 participants

  • This masterclass is primarily open for startups, who’d like to directly test out their product for presentation

  • 7.11. – 13:00 – 17:00 pm (duration: 4h)

Cashflow – Management: Money Changes Everything

How to become wealthy and remain wealthy

There are plenty of grants available – also for start-ups. We explain how you can get the right grant for your start-up and from which credit institutions you can get it.

You can also find out how to become and remain solvent, which forms of solvency there are and why this topic is so important.

The title “masterclass” says it all. A part of being successful is having a certain level of class in all areas. This also goes for invoice management. Discover when and why it pays off to outsource this task. After all, many start-ups only start up when the minds behind it can concentrate on what they do best.

So: stop by, listen, ask questions, participate. Let’s talk about money. We look forward to meeting you!


  • This masterclass takes place in German language
  • This masterclass is limited to 15 participants
  • This masterclass is primarily open for startups, which have already recieved payment for services
  • 7.11. – 15:30 – 17:00 pm (duration: 90 min.)



Ready to Grow Internationally ? – Experiences, Pitfalls, Do’s and Don’ts

You are ready to enter the US market or you want to sell internationally? You are looking for investors in the US to maximize your potential?Our Mastercalss teaches you very pragmatically what you should be aware of before doing the next step and internationalize.
Ina Wetzel (Babbel), Neele Wehmeyer (ba group) and Mary Richter (USA, SchneiderDowns) share their experiences and stories about what should be considered, what should be avoided and what is absolutely necessary when doing business international.


  • This masterclass takes place in english language
  • This masterclass is limited to 15 participants
  • This masterclass is open for startups and familiy enterprises
  • 7.11. – 13:00 – 14:30 pm (duration: 1,5h)

Reality Bites: Facing the Challenges of the Real Startup Life.


Founders do know the truth: there is no such things as „success stories“. Just real stories. Running a startup is not a long quiet river. It is a series of challenges. And the do´s and don’ts are of little help in managing the ups and downs.
There is no recipes, no shortcuts but there is a method to master the real startup life: F.A.C.E The Challenge. Developed by the world heavyweight champion record holder, Wladimir KLITSCHKO, this method allows founders, employees and entrepreneurs to identify and master their specific challenges with a willpower of a champion, thanks to four essential skills: Focus, Agility, Coordination and Endurance.
During this interactive workshop, Wladimir Klitschko, Tatjana Kiel (CEO of KLITSCHKO Ventures), Mathias Ulmann (Head of F.A.C.E. Consulting KLITSCHKO Ventures) and the startup expert Sanja Stankovic (Founder of the network “Hamburg Startups”) will present the frameworks, tools and exercises to face the challenges of the real startup life.


  • This masterclass takes place in German language
  • This masterclass is limited to 60 participants
  • This masterclass is primarily open for startups
  • 7.11. – 15:00 – 17:00 pm (duration: 2h)
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